Arby’s Menu Prices

Arby's Prices

Arby’s Prices

Arby’s Menu Prices
Did you know that Arby’s is the second largest fast food chain in the United States? They have more than 3400 restaurants across USA. They are not very famous abroad because there are Arby’s restaurants in only four other countries – Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

It all started in 1964 when Leroy and Forrest Raffel opened a restaurant that served roast beef sandwiches that are still one of the most popular meals on Arby’s menu. What made this restaurant so popular back then is the fast service and of course the way those sandwiches tasted!
After only one year of existence several other restaurants were opened all over USA.
The 70s were a great period for Arby’s because they have managed to open 50 new stores every year. In this period several products were added on the menu and they are still part of the classic Arby’s menu. In 1981 there were 1000 Arby’s restaurants in the USA.

Below are the current Arby’s prices.

(Note: To get Combo price add $2.30 to each on the Value Menu)

W/O Combo
Chicken Bacon & Swiss$4.09
Mid Roast Beef $4.19
Mid Beef ‘n Cheddar$4.59
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders (5pc.)$5.09
French Dip & Swiss$3.89
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon$5.29
Chicken Salad Sandwich$4.89
Chicken Salad Wrap$4.99
Classic Roast Beef$3.09
Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich$4.99
Max Roast Beef$5.19
Roast Turkey & Swiss Wrap$4.99
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon$5.29
Angus Philly$5.39
Cravin’ Chicken$3.69
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar$3.59
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders (3pc.)$3.59
Grand Turkey Club$4.19
Classic Turkey$3.19
Turkey ‘n Cheddar$3.59
Value Menu
Apple Slices$1.39
Value French Fries$1.09
Value Drink$1.09
Ham Melt$1.09
Jr. Deluxe$1.39
Jr. Roast Beef$1.19
Value Jamocha Shake$1.09
Jr. Cheddar Melt$1.49
Jr. Chicken$1.49
Kids Menu
Price includes beverage of your
choice and order of apple slices.
Jr. Roast Beef$3.89
Ham Melt$3.89
Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders$3.89
Farmhouse Chicken Salad$4.89
Side Salad$1.69
Sides & Snacks
Waffle Fries (small)$1.59
Waffle Fries (medium)$1.79
Waffle Fries (large)$1.99
Curly Fries (small)$1.59
Curly Fries (medium)$1.79
Curly Fries (large)$1.99
Potato Cakes (small)$1.59
Potato Cakes (medium)$1.79
Potato Cakes (large)$1.99
Mozzarella Sticks (4pc)$2.89
Mozzarella Sticks (6pc)$4.69
Jalapeño Bites (5pc)$2.89
Jalapeño Bites (8pc)$4.69
Steakhouse Onion Rings$1.89
Jamocha Shake$2.09
Jamocha Shake$2.49
Jamocha Shake$2.99
Turnovers (Apple, Cherry, or Chocolate)$1.19
Soft Drink (small)$1.49
Soft Drink (medium)$1.69
Soft Drink (large)$1.89
Bottled Water$1.59
Iced Tea (sweet or unsweet)$1.99
Mighty Minis ( combo)$4.99

Arby’s menu
Over the years Arby’s expanded their menu and added toasts, fresh sandwiches and many other fast food meals.
From roast beef and roast turkey to salads and shakes, Arby’s menu has it all. However, if you are a fast food expert, you can notice that a traditional fast food beef burger is not on their menu, but there are plenty more substitutes for this. They don’ serve “fat” burgers, they slice thinner pieces of beef instead.
They also claim that they don’t use any artificial additives in their chicken products since 2006.
These are some of the most famous Arby’s products:
Roast Beef Classic – This sandwich is a true example of Arby’s commitment to produce high quality sandwiches. It has sliced oven-roasted beef placed on a toasted bun. It looks very rich.
Beef ‘N Cheddar – A perfect combination of tasty cheese and beef with a little bit of onion make this sandwich extremely delicious. It is now wonder why it is one of the most popular sandwiches at Arby’s.
French Dip & Swiss – This fresh sandwich has been on Arby’s menu for years. It contains roasted roast beef and melted Swiss cheese.
Arby-Q – This popular sandwich consists of sliced roasted beef placed on a toasted sesame seed bun. It is served with barbecue sauce.
Ultimate Angus – Starting from 2011 Arby’s is selling 100% Black Angus beef as part of many sandwiches.
Grand Turkey Club – This is another new and very popular premium turkey sandwich that contains sliced roast turkey, pepper bacon, melted Swss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise placed on a toasted bun.
Soft Drinks – Arby’s signed a contract with Pepsi in 2006 and all their soft drinks come from Pepsi.
Limited offers – Arby’s always have some limited offers on their menu including products like fish sandwiches, different types of shakes and cookies.
If you compare Arby’s menu prices with other fast food restaurants you can see that most of their meals have higher prices but that’s a result of their high standards when it comes to meat quality.